CAR-RX llc - Headlamp Restoration
Headlamp Restoration

HEADLAMP restoration
Having Headlights that are crystal clear, looking like new results in: 
· Increase Safety
· Increase Resale Value
· Increases Visibility
· Increases Light Projection
· Improves Appearance
· Saves You Hundreds If Not Thousands In Costly Replacement

Specializing In Headlight Restoration Of Dull, Hazy, Faded and Ugly Looking Yellowing Plastic Headlights To Have A Like New Look Again!!! GUARANTEED!!! Our aim is to have a happy, satisfied customer so we give you the best quality product and service in the headlight restoration service industry.

No Risk Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

We could not make our headlight restoration Guarantee any more simple. Here it is: "if we can not restore your headlights, there is simply No Charge 
"That's it!

Quick Note

The entire restoration process is done to your headlights right on you vehicle.  We never remove your headlights so you never have to worry if they were put back or focus properly. Backing our service with a Full 4 year Warranty. 

Our goal at is to bring back the light to your headlights making our roads safer for everyone.

Saving our customers Hundreds, if not Thousands of Dollars in costly replacement.(depending on your vehicle)  Before you go out to buy new headlights because they are hazy, dull, foggy, cloudy or yellow Give us a chance!  We Guarantee we would have your ugly headlights looking like new.You will be surprised with the results.

Headlight restoration is doing our part in keeping our planet 

Most dull hazy cloudy ugly headlights end up as land fill when you replace them with new ones. So you too can do your part in going green simply by giving headlight restoration a chance before buying new ones. We believe restoring your headlights to a like new condition results in not only be safer for night time driving but also restores the beauty and appearance of your vehicle. You would agree! Dull, hazy or yellowing headlights make your beautiful vehicle look ugly. 

Our Headlight Restoration System is a Real Solution to your Headlight problem!

Your dull hazy cloudy ugly yellow headlight are sanded, polished and SEALED. Complete restoration to your headlights making them look like new again for a long time. 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority giving you the best service and products in headlight restoration. We have tested many other systems. So far we haven't seen anything that's better in getting that crystal clarity and durability that we get from our system. 

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