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Bumper repair, paint repair, scuffed, torn, and cracked bumpers Car-rx llc car wash automotive detail  paint repair bumper repair damaged, cracked, dented  leather repair torn cracked faded windshield crack, chip, star repair interior repair odor removalMobile Plastic Bumper Repair is a no hassle process that restores your damaged bumper within hours, not days! Unlike traditional methods, we save you time, money and stress because our mobile units come directly to your home or office. This convenient process is performed usually within  a few hours and restored using the highest quality paint products and other top quality materials. No matter what happened to your plastic bumper such as, bumper scuffs, dents, scratches, cracks or punctures, mobile bumper repair restores your damaged bumper without replacing it.
Mobile bumper and paint repair vehicles come equipped with a computerized paint measuring and mixing system that achieves the exact color matches for plastic bumper repair, spot repair and auto paint touch-up. Only the highest quality paints available are used and applied for your repair.
Besides plastic bumper repair, other plastics can also be repaired as well. Such as side mirrors, moldings, rocker panels, body kits, door handles and all other plastic pieces. This durable, quick and cost-effective solution guarantees all repaired painted products come with a complete satisfaction and
a 1 year warranty. 

To give you an idea of the work we do check out below.

This vehicle had a missing lower grill and a cracked bumper.
Dealership quoted $1000.00 to replace the bumper and grille. We were significantly cheaper.
Send us a picture of your damage for a free estimate!

This vehicle had a Dented bumper with paint damage. Body shop quoted over $700.00 to repair.

Is your Bumper too damaged to repair? Don't worry! We offer economy bumper replacements starting at $599.99
Need a Fender replaced? We offer economy fender replacements starting at $649.99

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Here is a Yelp Review Penny L. one of our previous Bumper Repair Customers! You can see this review and others by going to, Yelp

"Great work and very customer-oriented. I got a small crack on my bumper and the grill was knocked off by an unknown object on the highway. Car dealer quoted a ridiculous price for changing a new bumper which totally turned me off.. Well though I am not smart about cars, even I know it's unnecessary to replace a whole bumper.

Brian explained to me about the options I have for the bumper and quotes for each option. Eventually he spent 3-4 hours working on re-welding my car. 
After that, the bumper looks as new as before and I could not even tell there used to be a crack! I am so happy.

It's very convenient for customers since Brian is mobile with his biz truck. I really dislike dropping my car off in an auto shop/dealer, and have to come back and forth picking it up ( and looking for nice friends/coworkers to give me a ride). It's a good thing my company has a huge parking lot at the back so Brian could perform work. If you have no issues finding an available location for him, it's really efficient to arrange and get your car fixed without going around."

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