Warm Your Vehicle Up In The Morning or Not?

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Warm Your Vehicle Up In The Morning or Not?

Should you, or shouldn't you warm your vehicle up in the morning? People have different views upon this like many other things. But lets break it down for you.
   We will start with one of your major components, your engine. Now a days, your fuel/air ratio to your engine is very efficient. this is to bring your vehicle up to operating temp, reduce emissions, and help save on fuel when first starting your car in the morning. Your pistons (which are a major moving, internal component in your engine) start off cold, as a oval shape, not round. This is to ensure when the engine reaches operating temp the pistons expand to create a circle. With that being said, as your engine is cold. you are more prone to engine wear, burning oil, and lack of fuel efficiency.
   Your transmission, is designed to worked with the fluid under operating temp. Due to the transmission fluid being cold, it is thicker which creates pressures to raise internal in the transmission. The clutch materials internal in your trans, creates more wear when cold. The material is harder and less saturated with trans fluid when first starting up.
   Lets talk about your exhaust system. With cold metal and hot gasses flowing through in it creates excessive condensation. Your exhaust is equipped with "drain holes" to allow most of the condensation out. But if your vehicle is not allowed to warm up fully between your driving cycle. The remaining condensation isn't heated up enough to evaporate and it remains in your exhaust. Eventually starts rusting out your exhaust components.
Your windshield and other glass in your vehicle start out smaller when cold and expand when hot. With the particles close together, it allows more vulnerability to crack or shatter. Going over hard, heavy bumps, Or driving on the highway and having a rock get kicked up into your windshield could be worse with a cold glass.
And what about safety???
  With you shivering in the car, and your glass being more prone to fogging, you can be more easily distracted. These distractions could result in a delay in reaction time and... well you know the rest.
   Alright, now lets get to the reasons why not to warm your vehicle up. The federal government made a no idle law, to reduce in emissions. So while you may just warm your vehicle up in the morning, if you go pass the 3 min mark, you can get ticketed. Idling your car does create more emissions and fuel consumption because your vehicle is not moving. Your miles per gallon is 0. If it takes you 10 minutes to get to work, and you let your  vehicle warm up for ten minutes, that is a total 20 minutes your car is running. That is (for explanation purposes only) double your fuel consumption and emissions as if you just drove to work.
   Now all of theses pros and cons are up to you to decide. I am all for trying to save the environment. I feel that i do what i can to help our planet stay healthy. But when its cold outside, I'm sticking to warming my vehicle up in the morning.