Driving Through Winter

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Driving Through Winter

Here are just a few pointers to help your driving experience this winter, be safe and stress free.
1) This first set of tips should be practiced everyday, regardless of time of year. Always follow the posted speed limits. Always wear your seat belt. Always be courtesy to fellow drivers. Always stay alert and know your surroundings. Always keep a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. When at all possible, don't drive on slippery, wet, snowy, or icy roads.
2) Make sure you an Emergency kit in your vehicle. A kit that includes; a blanket, reflectors, flares, and a flashlight. I suggests everyone adds to the kit: A battery boost pack with a built in tire inflator; tire "fix-a -flat" or "slime"; a small shovel; a bag of rock salt or sand; and a second fully charged battery to your cell phone.
3) Bring your vehicle in for a "winter check up". During this check up, make sure: you have all your fluids checked for leaks and quality, your battery tested, your spare tire pressure checked, tire tread and brakes are above min thickness, wipers are clearing windows properly (If applicable, change your wipers to winter wipers), all your bulbs are working, and check for anything that shows excessive wear or may fail during the winter months.
4) I recommend changing your tires to winter tread tires. It supplies a much better traction during snow and Ice. ("much better" does not mean invulnerable)
5) Make sure your wipers are turned off before starting your vehicle. Make sure you clean off your windshield before starting your wipers. Snow and ice on your windshield can cause damaging effects to wipers and linkages on start up if they are frozen to the windshield or buried under snow.
6) Be Safe and have a Happy Holidays!