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Bird Poop

It is that time of year! Weather is getting warm, flowers are starting to bloom, birds are in the air, and bird poop is all over your car. We all have this problem, and it seems to happen right after you just washed your car, or when you need to go somewhere important. Don't you just love it?
But what happens if you decide to leave it, or push cleaning it off to a later date?
Bird droppings are high in acid. The ph levels are 3.5-4.5, which could cause noticeable damage to your clear coat. The acid starts to etch itself into the paint, so when you do finally end up cleaning it off, it could leave a mark that normal cleaning won't fix.
While it's not really possible to keep birds from bombing your car with their dirty little surprises, you can take steps to limit the damage. First, you need to wax your vehicle on a regular basis, at least once a month. This was will help stop the droppings from sticking to your car and create a barrier to slow down the process. Unfortunately, the acid in the droppings will eat through the wax as well. You should also cover your vehicle using a car cover when your vehicle is parked. If they can't BOMB your car then there is nothing to worry about. And last, Clean off the droppings immediately. you can clean by washing your vehicle normally. but what if you just washed your car and don't want to do it again? a simple waterless wash product will do fine.
What if your paint is already damaged? Depending on how deep the damaged area is, it may just need anywhere from polishing, to wet sanding to repair. Worse case, you may need to get it repainted. In most cases, just polishing will do. You will want a good polishing product. If you don't have a buffer at home you can apply it by hand using an applicator pad and a micro fiber cloth. Since the droppings and the polish will remove any wax on your paint, you will definitely want to re-apply a wax coating.
Maintaining your car's paint in perfect condition, especially if it's a daily driver, can be quite a challenge. Bird bombs are a simple fact of life. Just keep in mind, that, in addition to looking really nasty, they are very damaging to your car's paint. Take care of as soon as possible.